How to Prepare Your Kids for the New Normal

by - July 28, 2020

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Are your kids ready for the new normal?

As parents, I know that a lot of what's happening now could be a little overwhelming sometimes (figuring out how to work-from-home efficiently, managing a small business, homeschooling, to name a few) but preparing our child for the new normal should be one of our top priorities. CoVid-19 is not going away anytime soon, and our kids are one of the most vulnerable that could be affected by this new norm. So how do we prepare them for what's next?

Preparing Kids for the New Normal

1. Create a Daily Schedule 

Staying at home for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can be very boring (especially for kids), so creating a daily plan of activities at home might help. If you're a work-from-home parent, this could also help you be more efficient in doing your work-related tasks at home. Moreover, this will help your kids understand the passing of each day. 

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Your daily schedule may include simple learn and play activities like sensory play, painting, or movement activities. You may also teach them simple life skills which are also crucial to their development. At home, we allow my toddler to help in washing the vegetables and placing them inside the fridge. We recently purchased a 233L beko fridge that is easy for my toddler to access and also keeps our fruits and veggies fresh for longer. Check this out for the best prices on refrigerators. 

2. Acknowledge Your Kid's Emotions

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Our kids are truly little ones with big feelings. Imagine being a kid during a pandemic and you can't process and understand your emotions. You child needs a safe space where they can express themselves. Ask your children what they know about our current situation, then listen. Afterwards, try to explain everything in simple terms and show them that you understand how they are feeling. 

3. Be a Role Model

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I know, I know. Being a parent is truly hard especially now but we have to set a good example to our kids. Let's always remember that kids can only do the right thing if they were shown the right thing. Social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands, and frequent use of alcohol and sanitizers are just a few of the things that we can model to help our kids cope with the "new normal".  

And when they follow suit and do the right thing, reward them! This will not only encourage good behavior but also reassure them that the new normal is not a scary thing. 

Preparing our kids for the new normal takes some work and may require reinforcement with our kids. You may look for support from fellow moms by joining Facebook mom communities, watching webinars, and reading blogs. The new normal is not a scary thing, it is something that we simply have to face, together and apart. 

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