The Next Must-Try Milk Tea: Thailand's Famous Brown Cafe is Now in Manila

by - October 10, 2019

If you love milk tea, you'll be thrilled to know that Thailand's highly acclaimed Brown Cafe is now in Manila, and it's serving up the creamy goodness that's sure to sweep you up your feet.

Just when you though milk tea couldn't get any better, Brown Cafe tops what everybody else has to offer. For starters, they are serving up collagen-infused bubble, the first of its kind in the Philippines. Collagen has been found to have skin health benefits, which is definitely good news for health buffs out there.

There are 10 bubble options to choose from, including low-calorie choices, all made with real tea and no trace of artificial powder mixes.

Unlike other milk tea outlets, Brown Cafe makes its own bubble, explaining the wide range of possibilities when it comes to flavors, shapes, and sizes. No wonder its product offerings are all unique and not the type you would find among existing milk tea brands. All these are made using premium ingredients, some of which have to imported from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore which explains its delectable taste.

Among its best sellers are the Brown Sugar Pearl with Milk, which uses organic brown sugar for the pearls. Other crowd favorites are the Royal Premium Milk Tea, Milk Tea Slurpy, and Low Cal Bubble Series. Despite using premium ingredients, Brown Cafe's milk teas are more affordable than other milk tea brands in the market, and should be accessible to milk tea lovers from all walks of life. Milk tea prices are ranging from P85 to P155.

On top of their drinks, Brown Cafe has an instagram-worthy branding and store design. Stylishly clean and artsy, it conveys a fun and playful vibe that reflects what the brand stands for. You'll see this in the cups and containers, as well as the cafe's interiors at their Serendra store - the first milk tea store in the area.

Their vision is to elevate the experience of milk tea lovers and offer a wider selection of bubbles that everyone will truly enjoy.

Brown Cafe opened their first shop in Chiang Mai in 2017, quickly followed by a branch in Siam Square, Bangkok. Today, they have 8 premium locations across Thailand and recently opened a cafe in Cambodia.

Expect more of Brown Cafe in Manila as milk tea fans discover their amazing offerings. Brown Cafe is located at Ground Floor, Serendra, BGC, Taguig. 

For more information, please visit Brown Cafe Philippines on Facebook and @browncafe_ph on Instagram. 

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