Mums Share the Weirdest and Most Annoying Breastfeeding-Related Advise They've Ever Heard

by - September 08, 2019

Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful thing that women are blessed to be capable of doing. Nevertheless, despite many famous people advocating for it and many multi-media sources trying to enlighten people about it, many people are still at a loss as to what breastfeeding is really all about.

When one of my co-workers saw me pumping milk at my work desk (I was covered, of course), said person told me, "You know what? When I gave birth 5 years ago, I also pumped milk at work but I was always so tired. I decided to drink my own milk to replenish myself. I didn't want my baby to drink my exaustion!"

To this day, I still half-cringe, half-laugh at this remark. 

So, I asked around our mum community about the weirdest or most annoying breastfeeding-related advise or comment that anyone's ever given them. 

Here are some of their answers:

From Mommy Aidelyn F. Fajilan

For me the weirdest thing that anyone's ever said to me about breastfeeding is that you need to breastfeed first your baby on the right side of your boobs because it was her food then transfer to the left side because it serve as her water.
The most annoying myth/advise that anyone's ever given to me about breastfeeding is that don't breastfeed your baby after taking a bath because your milk is cold and your baby might have cough because of that, just wait for 15-30 minutes. What if my baby is hungry?? I can't wait a minutes to breastfeed her specially when she's crying na. 
From Mommy Bev Bandola :

You are not allowed to drink cold beverage . 
-maiinom raw ng baby yung lamig .Paano mangyayari yun? Yung katawan natin ay likas nang mainit na habang dumadaloy sa loob natin ay sapat na para mawala ang lamig sa ininom natin bago makapag produce ng milk. 
(The baby will drink the "coldness" from your cold beverage. How can it happen? Our bodies produce natural heat so the cold beverage won't be cold anymore once it's inside us. Therefore, our milk won't be cold as well.)

From Mommy Paula Felice:

Switch to formula milk because breastmilk isn't nutritious as "cow's milk". 
Breastmilk are only good for babies up to 6months of age. After 6months breastmilk will just be water "daw". đŸ€Š‍♀️
 From Mommy Maribert Orpiada:

Itigil mo na yang pagpapadede mo sa anak mo Sayo, wala ng sustansya nakukuha yan Sayo, wala ka nang gatas kaya ang payat payat mo at ang payat din ng anak mo.I gatas mo nalang yan! Bear brand ok na yun basta may gatas na nainom kesa Sayo walang nakukuha ng tumaba taba naman yang Bata! "

(Stop breastfeeding your child. He/she doesn't get any nutrition anymore. You probably don't even have milk anymore because you're so thin and your baby is also so thin! Just switch to formula. Bear Brand is even better than your breastmilk. Don't you want your child to get fat?)

From Mommy ć–Źćź‰ :

Di hiyang si baby mo sa milk mo ang liit nya di masarap milk mo. đŸ˜… (sa kanila siguro with magic sarap ✌đŸ»)
Wag magpadede pag may ubo at sipon mahahawa si baby. (Ofcourse mahahawa pag dika nag mask at panay halik mo at ubo at hatsing sa harap ng mukha ng anak mo.😂 gagaling kpa nga pag nagpadede ka eh! Di ba mga expert jan?😅)
(Your milk is not suited to your baby, she's small and your milk is probably not delicious. (Maybe they need Magic seasoning!)
Don't breastfeed when you have cough and colds as your baby will get them too. (Of course your baby will get your virus if you don't wear a mask while breastfeeding and you keep on sneezing in front of them. They would even actually get better from your breastmilk! Right, experts?)

From Mommy Noime Ortagoza:

The weirdest talaga na sinabi sa akin na wag daw ako magpapadede dahil mahawa sya sa sakit kong asthma,baka daw mahawaan c baby ng hika ko 
The most annoying myth/advise naman na sinabi sa akin is yung pagnakahiga daw ako wag daw itataas ang mga kamay at mawawala ang supply ng gatas at pag bagong panganak wag kumain ng mga gulay baka daw madede ni baby at baka magtatae c baby.
(The weirdest thing said to me is I shouldn't breastfeed because I will pass on my asthma to my baby.

The most annoying myth/advise given to me is to  not raise my arms when lying down because I lose my milk. And another is to not eat vegetables after giving birth because my baby's stomach will get upset because of the vegetable)

From Mommy Journ Tan Arcayan:
What's the weirdest thing that anyone ever said to you about breastfeeding?No hair treatments while breastfeeding the chemicals used can mix w my milk. 
What's the most annoying myth/advise that anyone has ever given to me about breastfeeding?Don't breastfeed when you're tired, pati si baby naii-stress. ( your baby will also get stressed)
From Mommy Judycel Salire Tino :
Yung galing ka sa initan tapos bigla kang magpapa dede sa baby bawal yun kase madede ng bata ang init.- Yung bawal ka kumain ng maasim kase mawawala ung gatas mo ..
- Yung itigil na daw ang pagpapadede kase malaki na si baby (going 3 years old) and wala ng sustansya nakukuha sa pagdede nya sayo 
(Don't breastfeed after going outside and it's hot because your baby will drink the "hot" temperature

To stop breastfeeding my baby who's almost 3 years old because he/she doesn't get any nutrients from my milk anymore.)

From Mommy Cathy Claire Danao Jaluag

Hindi daw pwede magpadede ng ibang bata kapag kakapanganak mo lang kasi hindi na daw dedede sayo ang anak mo, kahit na wala pang gatas na lumalabas sa nanay ng kasabay mo at kahit gutom na gutom ang kanyang anak. đŸ˜©
(Don't nurse other babies when you've just given birth because your own baby will no longer nurse from you. This is even if the mother of the other baby can't breastfeed her own child and the baby is already very hungry)

From Mommy Mary Jame Laway Fudolin:

Ang laki namn ng boobs mo baka hindi na mkahinga ang baby mo natabunan na ang ilong ng baby mo. đŸ€”
(Your breasts are so big, your baby might not be able to breathe anymore.)

From Mommy Rein Ison Manio:

First thing is maliit ang imbakan ng gatas ko kaya kaunti lang din yung napproduce ko. Una palang naniniwala ako sa sarili kong sabi-sabi lang un, na myth lang un, kasi nga ung production ng milk ko ay maganda, nasasatisfy ko si Thea, nakakapag imbak ako ng breastmilk noon at hindi naging hadlang ang pagkakaroon ko ng small breast para magkaroon ako ng sapat na supply ng milk for my baby. Nakakainsulto lang na sasabihan ka pa ng "nakooo, nakukulangan yang anak mo sayo kasi ang liit ng dede mo" pero sa totoong buhay hindi nila alam kung paano ako magkalet down at kung pano ko masatisfy si Thea sa milk ko. đŸ˜ŠđŸ’•
(First thing I've heard is that my breasts are small that's why my milk supply must probably be small as well.)


What about you, mums? What are the most annoying or weirdest comments you've received about breastfeeding? Share them in the comments section below. :)

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