Here's Why These Mums and Their Kids Are Going Crazy Over Fuwa Fuwa

by - September 26, 2019

This September, the fluffiest breads from Japan has finally landed in the Philippines: Fuwa Fuwa!

Fuwa Fuwa, which literally means fluffy in Nihongo, represents the warm and cheerful attitude of the Japanese. Their brand image, Fuwa Chan, is that of a smiling loaf of bread that shows an emotive promise of bringing smiles to everyone with every bite. 

Fuwa Fuwa currently has 4 variants: Custard Bun, Select Loaf, Bread Rolls, and the Mini Loaves.

Custard Bun

Fluffy with just the right amount of sweetness; that's Fuwa Fuwa's Custard Bun. Perfect for both kids and kids-at-heart, this is a great baon  for school, work, commuting, outings, or as an afternoon snack. We love heating this up in the toaster so the custard filling is extra syrupy. Try it with tea or coffee for that perfect blend of bitter and sweet. 

My son hugging Fuwa Fuwa Custar Bun

Select Loaf

Fuwa Fuwa Select Loaf

Love French Toast? The thick-sliced Fuwa Fuwa Select Loaf is perfect for dipping in creamy egg+milk mixture, drizzled over with maple syrup and melted butter on top. 

Feeling a tidsy bit nakedy? Try it as is without any spread or jam and get ready to taste its lightly sweet and buttery flavor that will surely put a smile on your face. 

Fuwa Fuwa Select Loaf
Each Fuwa Fuwa Select Loaf are packaged well with vaccuum sealing to ensure that the bread stay fluffly and fresh and that no hokey-pokey business will happen to their breads before they land to our homes. Neat!

Bread Rolls 

Perfect for snacking-on-the-go, the Fuwa Fuwa bread rolls come in 3 different variants: Chocolate Roll, Strawberry Roll, and Vanilla Roll. Each one has their fair share of sweet, creamy filling  and fluffy bread which you can eat as a snack, a perk-me-up treat, or even as a light breakfast paired with steamy hot chocolate. 

Fuwa Fuwa Chocolate Roll

Fuwa Fuwa Strawberry Roll

Fuwa Fuwa Vanilla Roll

Mini Loaves

Small but incredibly yummers, the Fuwa Fuwa Mini Loaves come in two luscious variants: Caramel Mini Loaf and Milk Mini Loaf. According to them, "Mini Loaf is what happens when Japanese passion for bread and craftmanship is reinvented from your ever humble white bread - fun, appealing, and kawaii (cute)!" I couldn't agree more!

Fuwa Fuwa Mini Loaf - Caramel

Fuwa Fuwa Mini Loaf - Milk

Its thick, flavorful and pillowy-soft texture is the perfect loaf for our mini-me's as their little hands can easily grab them, and there's no need to add palaman as each slice is already bursting with flavor. 

My son loves Fuwa Fuwa Mini Loaf - Caramel

Check out what these mums have to say about Fuwa Fuwa:

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Mom-on-a-budget, Isabel. @mommybudgetarian

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Cutie Mikko's baon for the day @mommynikkiph

Little Eneros love Fuwa Fuwa @mrsenerodiaries

Fuwa Fuwa is available nationwide at Cash and Carry, Fisher Supermarket, Landmark, Lawson, Robinson's, SM Supermarket, Unimart,  and Waltermart. 

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