ecostore: Safer for Your Family; Kinder to Our Planet

by - September 08, 2019

I don't mean to be a pessimist, but our planet is doomed. 

The amazon is burning to the ground

The Amazon

Sea animals are dying because of our plastic wastes

Illustration of a sea turtle crying with a straw in its nose

And as a parent of a growing toddler, my carbon footprint is not reducing any time soon.
An Illustration of our Carbon Footprint

From diapers, wet wipes, and the numerous containers of baby soap, baby shampoos, baby toothgels, baby bottle cleansers - to name a few - as well as the handful of different chemicals that are in these products, I may be adding more damage than solution to the problems of our planet. 

As a mindful homemaker, I want to be able to become a part of a global movement to reduce plastic and toxic wastes in our planet. But that seems to be a daunting task as the number of baby products that we consume at home just keep on piling up.

Until I discovered ecostore. 

Hailing from the lush evergreens of New Zealand, ecostore is a brand of plant and mineral-based products created by two mindful homemakers who dreamed to make their home as clean and green as the land they call home. ecostore lets us choose a better tomorrow while keeping harmful chemicals out of our homes.

What sets ecostore apart from other "eco-friendly" brands?

Sugar plastic

All of their products are packaged in sugar plastic bottles made from sugarcane to reduce your carbon footprint. These are also 100% recyclable so you're also helping to protect the environment for future generations. They also use recyclable FSC cardbaoard to package their products.

Safer for your family

Since ecostore use trusted global resources like the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, they are guided by this simple principle in choosing the ingredients they put in their products:

if there's ever any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, we'll find a safer one.

Our ecostore experience

My little one loves bath time. Lately, we've been having the best bath times since we started using ecostore baby products.

We start out with ecostore Goat's Milk & Lavender Baby Soap. I love its mild, plant-based, Vitamin E rich formulation as it gently moisturizes my baby's skin. Its lavender smell also calms him down especially when we use it for his nighttime bath.

Then we move on to ecostore Baby Shampoo that gently cleanses my bub's fine hair and sensitive scalp. We recently shaved his hair, and I noticed a much quicker hair growth since using this product. His hair is also incredibly softer and more shiny now.

Lastly, I take one pump of ecostore Baby Oil to lock-in moisture and protect his skin from possible irritants. It also leaves my baby's skin smelling nice and fresh without the strong odor of chemicals.


As my toddler continues to grow, I become more and more mindful of the chemicals that he gets exposed to. It also comes hand-in-hand with my dream of leaving a better and much more livable planet for him in the future. And with ecostore, I feel like I am coming closer and closer to that dream.

What have you recently done to help take care of our planet, mums?

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