Does UV-C Sterilization Actually Work?

by - September 04, 2019

UV-C sterilization is popular among parents nowadays. A quick browse over Google would tell you why:

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.
From Wikipedia

What mom wouldn't want having a handy appliance that not only kills 99.9% of germs and allergens on hard surfaces, but also reduces viruses, odor causing bacteria, and certain molds and other allergens at home?

UV Care Potable Germinator

However, for practical reasons, some moms would still wonder if a UV-C sterilizer is worth the investment. And who can blame them? Believing that something as seemingly simple as blue light could efficiently clean and sterilize objects and surfaces without the use of chemicals is like believing in some sort of magic. And with the emergence of many UV sterilizers that promise to do the same thing, which should you trust?

UV Care is a certified and trusted brand that specializes in UV-C sterilization, which addresses the concern of individuals and families in terms of keeping their homes and environment safe, healthy and germ-free.

They have a wide range of products that utilize the UV-C sterilization technology which promises a radically improved indoor air quality (IAQ), less allergies and respirotary ailments, reduced energy consumption of HVAC systems, and extended product shelf life leading to minimized spoilage and wastage.

UV Care Multipurpose Lite 

59S, on the other hand, is the biggest UVLed manufacturer in the world. They are also now in the Philippines brought to us by the same mompreneur behind UV Care.

Mommy Kristine Tan with @carolatmanila, mompreneur behind UV Care and 59s

They have a wide range of products that combine sterilization + storage to make your life easier.

59S Baby Toy Storage Sterilizer Box

Among all the UV Led sterilizing products in the market, perhaps the most popular one is the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer. It is small enough to fit inside your purse, briefcase or luggage - truly travel friendly.

UV Care Pocket Sterilizer (VOGUE Collection)

With its affordable price of only 1,200php - 1,500php (depending on the design), more and more moms are enticed to buy one for themselves. And if you've been mulling over whether you should get one too:


(Watch this little "experiment" that I witnessed first hand during the first ever Millennial Moms PH Content Creator's Get Together last September 4, 2019 at Alice Tea Salon in Pasig)

With one droplet of water under a microscope, witness how the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer fights bacteria and viruses:

See those "dancing" stuff on the monitor? Those are the bacteria that are in one tiny drop of water. Ugh

As the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer starts doing its job, notice how these bacteria start scrambling away from the blue light

Bacteria be like *panics*

Now it seems that they are losing their energy

Oh, you poor thing. Not. 

*Poof* Now they're dead.

Good riddance!!

Watch the full video here:

What you've witnessed is just by using a handy, travel-sized pocket sterilizer. Imagine what the bigger ones can do for you and your home.

I actually am the proud new owner of a 59S UVC LED Milk Bottle Sterilizing Box (T5) which I won last time from a MommyMundoX59Sph Giveaway. I can't wait to share with you my experience with it.


UV Care Pocket Sterilizer in "action"

There's no doubt: UV-C sterilization ACTUALLY works in killing the bacteria and viruses that we can't see with our naked eyes. But not all UV-C sterilizers are created equal. Make sure you invest on laboratory-tested, 100% chemical free and doctor recommended ones from UV Care and 59s.

Check out these links to know more about their products:

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