Pre-Pop Mumchies By MilkingBombs: A Healthy Snack for Preggo Mums 🤰🏻✨

by - August 25, 2019

Milkingbombs by ABC, maker of the most in demand lactation pastries since 2014, has given birth to three new babies!

Presenting *drumroll please* Pre-Pop Mumchies by Milkingbombs by ABC, a preggo mumshie’s new beshie

I remember craving for sweets all throughout my pregnancy 2 years ago. I also remember how strict my husband was about my sugar intake - for good and practical reasons. He didn’t want me to suffer from gestational diabetes and he didn’t want me to get too big (hence the baby getting too big for normal birth). And from what I’ve learned from the event, babies born overweight is a common problem. Not only that, Filipino pregnant moms are often either underweight or overweight. Yikes!

Nonetheless, I would sometimes whine like a child begging for anything sweet. 

I do realize now how annoying it must have been to hear a grown woman whining for a piece of chocolate, but you do understand how pregnant women are, right? The cravings, the morning sickness, as well as the constant battle to stay healthy and eat nutritious food for the baby in our belly. With these pregnancy problems in mind, Milkingbombs by ABC has now lovingly provided a solution to these and more. 

Let’s get to know the three variants of the recently launched Pre-Pop Mumchies one by one:

The first of the three is Lemon Sunshine. It’s the perfect cookie for pregnant mums suffering from morning sickness as the tart lemon flavor is a great antidote to nausea. My preggo self would have munched on this a lot as sour food were the only thing that kept me from getting sick all day.

Born because of the common culprit for hemorrhoids in pregnant women: constipation. 

Aptly named, Froaty Nut tastes fruity (again, to help preggo moms with the nausea), and has lots of oats and nuts (to help them with indigestion). 

As what is common with moms and their kids, the bunso of the bunch was instantly the crowd-favorite during the launch: Brainy Baby

Armed with all the ingredients to make this a nutrient dense snack for expecting moms, it’s also aimed to make sure the baby gets the nutrient he needs for better brain development. The dark chocolate in it also gives it the perfect balance of sweetness that most preggo moms are craving for (and most dads and OBs would approve of!!) 

To order, just check out @milkingbombsbyabc on Instagram or head over to the nearest Urban Mom store as it is now their official partner store.

The ABC behind Milkingbombs by ABC, Ms. ABettina Carlos

Thank you so much to Milkingbombs by ABC for inviting me to the “birth” of your new products and the launch of your new store partner! Here’s to more years of baking the yummiest pastries for every mom from pregnancy to breastfeeding! (Next naman daw is Baby-Making cookies, as Ms. Bettina joked during the event. Haha)

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  1. Ang cucute ng lalagyan mommy kristine.Congratulations sa bago nilang product mommy,masarap yan panigurado

  2. Ang cute ng name.. I love it "Brainy Baby" gusto ko Ma try yung Froaty nuts!

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  4. Daming flavors 😍❤ Looking forward to try these flavors too soon 😍❤ Parang ang saya saya din ng event na toh 😊💕 Swerte din tlga ng mga breastfeeding moms ngaun, dami ng foods na nakakaboost ng milk supply unlike nung unang panahon puro malunggay 😊💕