Here's Why We Started Giving Our Son Gummy Vitamins (And why you should to!)

by - August 28, 2019

My son loves to eat. We’ve been practicing Tamang Kain ever since he started eating solids at 6 months. (Read more about that story here) He likes his veggies, he likes munching on fruits, and he likes eating meat too. Basically, he’s Joey from FRIENDS.

You can even give him dirt and he would gladly eat it.

But despite his healthy appetite and gusto for food, we noticed that he would often catch a cold every month. This usually happens a few days after we visit our favorite indoor playground. While indoor playgrounds are good venues for our kids to explore and enjoy around other kids their age for a few hours, it’s also a breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria and viruses.

My son eating "ice cream" at an indoor playground

This is why it’s important to make sure that our children are armed with an extra boost of vitamins and minerals to strengthen their immunity from these bacteria and viruses.

But here’s the sad truth:

I can’t always provide my son with all the nutrients he needs from the food we prepare for him.

As much as I’d like to be a 100% hands-on mom, I’m also a working adult 8 hours a day, with other chores and responsibilities that needs to be done when I’m at home. And the truth is, I can only monitor what he eats for snacks in the afternoon and for dinner in the evening. While I trust that he eats a good amount of nutritious food prepared for him by mom, I also understand that as a growing toddler, we might sometimes miss a few essential vitamins that he could only get from certain food. Kids his age need to consume a well-balanced diet of Go (energy-giving), Glow (body-regulating), and Grow (body-building) food.

This is why I decided to give him supplements.

I understand that some parents, all with good intentions, do not believe in giving supplements to their kids. I myself am a believer of making our food our medicine. But as I’ve mentioned above, as a working mom with blogging on the side, I can’t always be 100% hands-on in preparing what he eats and monitoring every vitamins and nutrients he intakes.

What Supplement Do We Give Him?

We used to give him the usual over-the-counter multivitamins and vitamin c drops in the market. But we stopped because: 1. He doesn’t like the taste of these supplements (we tried a lot!); and 2. We didn’t notice any significant difference whenever he took them. During the Smart Parenting Convention last July (read about it here), I found out about Health Fusion, a brand of multivitamins and vitamin c supplements in gummy bear form.

(watch my Smart Parenting Convention Haul vlog here)

We started giving my son these supplements last July. We are only halfway through our first bottles, but we already noticed a good effect on his health. For one, he didn’t get sick even after he played around with other kids during a branch opening of a pre-school last July. Another thing I noticed is that he has an even better appetite now since taking these vitamins. Yes, even better than his appetite before.

We are currently giving him two variants of Health Fusion supplements: 1. Multivites; and 2. Vitamin C.

The Health Fusion Multivites provides a fusion of essential vitamins and minerals in a strawberry-flavored delicious gummy. It includes vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, B5, folic acid, iodine, zinc, and biotin.

On the other hand, Health Fusion Vitamin C contains 30mg of vitamin C per gummy. It helps boost your child's immune system; maintains teeth and gum health; minimizes bruising from falls and scrapes; helps cuts and wound; aids in the body's absorption of iron, calcium, and folic acid from food sources.

My 18-month old son takes 1 piece of Multivites gummy and 1 piece of Vitamin C gummy every day.
(Kids 3 years of age and over must chew two gummies/day.)

These gummies are also available in a trial pack of 15pcs.


As parents, we all want what’s best for our children. While giving supplements to our kids is good, it’s still imperative that we provide them with a well-rounded diet the best we could. I may be a busy mom, but I still try super hard to make sure that he eats a good plate of nutritious food at home. We also do not give him any junk food, and we try as much as we could to make him eat home-cooked meals.

My son loves his Dragon Fruit pasta and Health Fusion MultiVites
Check out my Dragon Fruit Pasta recipe here

With Tamang Kain, breastfeeding, and a good dose of vitamins and minerals from Health Fusion, I am less worried about my son's health. 

Should you wish to order, check out Health Fusion on the following outlets:

You may also join our 10K Followers Celebration Giveaway here, one of the prizes is a bottle of Health Fusion supplement. :)

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  1. Natry na namin to mommy and gustong gusto ng anak ko,gusto na agad ubusin lahat grabe.Hindi sya mahirap ipainom sa bata since gummy sya.pansin ko din na hindi na sya mabilis sipunin !

  2. Bilang Nanay I also wanted to provide her healthy meals, kaya lang hindi naman ako perpekto hindi lahat ng nutrients at vitamins napprovide ng mga hinahain ko for her. I also seek an advice to her pedia kasi nga nung mga panahong ulan ng ulan sinipon ng sinipon si Thea, so talagang nireseta sa kanya is vitamin C supplement, kaya lang struggle samin mag asawa na painumin si Thea ng vitamins tlga, nakikita nya palang ung dropper nagtatatakbo na 😔 Siguro dahil sa lasa talaga. And un ang reason why I wanted to try this Healthy Fusion MultiVites & Vitamin C for Thea, I know she will surely love this ng hindi nya nalalaman na vitamins toh. Hindi na ko mahihirapan painumin sya ng syrup. At last thing is I know na maganda talaga tong vitamins na toh for toddlers. I heard a lot of good reviews laya gustong gusto ko toh itry for Thea 😊💕

  3. I want to try Healthy Fusion MultiVites for my daughter because of its many health benefits that my daughter needs. Hindi pa ako mahihirapang iapakain ito sa kanya dahil aakalain niya lang na itoy isang candy��

  4. Gusto ko to itry mommy kasi I admit ang hirap painumin ng anak ko ng syrup na vitamins grabe naghahabulan pa kame minsan natatapon pa. Interesting to kasi gummies maganda sa Mata ng kids maeenjoy nila ichew at the same time may vitamins na kasama.

  5. I want to try this since sobrang hirap painumin ng baby ko nakita nia palang na minemeasure ko ung vitamins nia tatakbuhan na nya na ko ang ending sapilitan ko pa sia papainumin at iiyak sia ng sobra plus sobrang di angkop ung weight nia sa age nya pero madami nman sya kumain. I want to try this and I feel na mag susuit to for my son :) ������

  6. As a working single mom, guilty ako na hindi nabibigay at na prepare ang tamang healthy food kadalasan kung ano madaling lutuin lalo na nakaka overwhelm ang gawaing bahay na di matapos tapos ditetso work para support ang needs nila kaya nasasacrifice ang kailangan nutrient na need ng mga kids at nakakatuwa may gummy multivites ng health fusion na hindi na kailangan pilitin painumin hindi na ako mag worry na magiging sipunin at ma boost ang immune nila dahil meron itong vitamin c and minerals. Kaya hoping na manalo for my kids..
    thanks for the chance..

  7. Subukan ko muna ang trial pack, kasi 1stborn ko hindi mahilig sa mga sweets like candies, sana magustuhan para eto na vitamins niya, wala siyang tinitake na vitamins kasi hindi niya gusto lasa ng mga drops.

  8. wow mommyi want to try that for my daughter kasi same din mommy ang dame ko na natry na vitamins pero alam ko may kulang kasi hindi pa rin sya lumalakas kumain . i hope i can try this one and mahanap ko na ang vitamins na hinahanap ko para sa baby ko . Thank you for sharing this mommy 😍😍😍 #thethreetans10kgiveaway

  9. Thanks for sharing Momsh I really want to try that for my baby lalo mixfeeding po ako. Sgurado maggustuhan niya yan lalo na nagsstart na sya mag feed ng solid foods! Alam naman natin ang bata mahilig sa candies but this one more on health and best for our baby. ���� #TheThreeTans10KGiveaway