3 Lessons I’ve Learned from 3 Weeks of Complementary Feeding + Tried and Tested CF Tips from 3 Experienced Mommas

by - August 28, 2019

I remember how excited I was before my baby started eating solids at 6 months. I attended seminars, read a lot of resource materials, talked to other moms about it - you name it and I'll tell you I've done it. Despite everything I did before we embarked on this journey, I was still as clueless as Cher in Clueless:

Nevertheless, here we are at our third week of complementary feeding! Find out what CF is here.

To celebrate,  I'd like to share three important lessons I've learned so far from our three weeks of CF:

3. Going natural is ALWAYS the better route

After 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, I wanted to make sure that I can still feed my baby with healthy and appropriate food. After reading a ton of resource materials, we decided that avocado would be the best first food for him. We continued introducing one vegetable per week and will continue to do so until he is 7 months old. This would help us identify possible food allergies he may have. We're also avoiding salt/salty food, sugar, honey, canned and processed baby food, and cow's milk.

Avocado, Potato and Squash

Moreover, I used to think that a regular dishwashing liquid is okay but since we also started using bowls, spoons, fruit feeders and other utensils, we also switched to an all-natural utensils wash. Knowing that no food or breastmilk residue is left to spoil in our baby's utensils whenever we use Tiny Buds Natural Baby Bottle & Utensils Wash is another thing off our list of things to worry about.

Tinybuds Natural Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash

2. Preparation is the key

Before becoming a mother, I rarely made plans. I was just so used to winging it every. single. day. But motherhood has really changed me in so many beautiful ways. Now, I have to think in advance when it comes to my baby. I also have to prepare his food beforehand and store them properly.

Side note: My husband is the biggest chinese cheapskate I've ever known so we don't have fancy food storage bottles or food processors. I have to be resourceful and use whatever is available at home. I was gifted with some formula milk containers during my baby shower so I use that to store my baby's food:

I also got this silicon bib from Tykes and Dolls PH and it arrived just in time for our 2nd week of CF. The first week was full of one messy bib to another one real quick. Lesson learned: always think in advance! The silicon bib I got from Tykes and Dolls is the cheapest one I've seen online (only 200+ php) but it's for pre-order because they ship it from abroad. It's worth the wait! My little one loves it and it saves us so much time from washing all of his bibs.
Go check out their Instagram page for other affordable baby stuff. ❤️

And the most important lesson I've learned so far?

1. Baby knows best...

...when it comes to when is the best time for him to eat.

I usually come home from work at around 2pm and at the start of our Solids Saga I would always try to feed him when I'm home even when he was just fed. It. was. a. disaster. I've learned to look for hunger cues instead of forcing him to eat just because I wanted to be a big part of his feeding journey. For as long as he is being fed well 2-3 times a day, that's okay. Just like adults, babies do know when they are hungry.

I also allow him to hold his own spoon from time to time to encourage baby led weaning. Find out about baby led weaning  here.

And as promised, here are some tried and tested tips from experienced mommas who are taking their CF journeys by heart.

From @celestialnanay:
Hi mommy! I'm not a pro and I'm just trying to do my best with being a first-time mom (and working mom too). But I think the best tip I can give on complementary feeding or anything about raising babies really, is to do your research. I did extensive research and crowdsourcing by joining mommy groups on Fb about what would work best for us. We did Tamang Kain with Baby Led Weaning. At first I was scared. I was also a bit discouraged when it wasn't what I expected at first especially with BLW.
I just gave my daughter time. Every baby has their own timeline of doing things and I respected that. When she was more ready, things just went their natural pace.
Also, I consider having a quality high chair that's easy to clean a must-have. If a high chair isn't possible, a booster seat that you can attach to any dining chair is recommended. It really helps foster independent eating plus it teaches a baby that this is where he's supposed to eat. Let baby join at mealtimes too. :)
Check out her Instagram page to see how she handles the highs and lows of their baby led weaning journey.

Here's another one from @healthybabyrecipes:
Hi mommy, Id love to share my secret to complementary feeding. I was once clueless with the right method of introducing complementary feeding to my little one, despite being a health care provider by profession, I didnt know that there are so many ways to introduce solid food. I followed the WHO guidelines on when to start complementary feeding which is at exactly 6 months. I opted to give bland meal for my little one, meaning no salt, no sugar, no preservatives. It’s also best to introduce vegetables first before fruits since fruits has natural sweetener, sometimes they tend to prefer fruits over vegetables once they tasted the sweetness of it. It’s also best to mash than to puree since eating mashed food encourages them to somewhat chew and the transition from mashed vegetables to rice meal will be easy.
My aim is to provide healthy and nutritious food to my little one, I dont want him to grow up a picky eater like I did, that’s why I dont allow him to eat sweets like chocolates, biscuits, ice cream and cake as well as food with preservatives such as instant rice cereals, baby food in a jar as well as fast food meals. I really believe that homemade is better.
Check out her Instagram page for easy to follow healthy and nutritious recipes for our little ones!
And last but not the least, here's a message from @pumpingbossmomph:
My tip: There is a reason why complementary feeding is suggested by WHO to start only at 6mos. Babies gut is still not developed and introducing solids earlier can do more harm than good. Follow the WHO guidelines and have a healthy discussion with your pedia.
At the start of complementary feeding (6 mos), do not consider solids as a replacement of breastmilk. Feed as per usual and nurse 30mins to 1hr before solids. Only nearer 1 yr old will the nursing sessions be slowly replaced by solids.
I have more tips. Hehe! Pero siguro if I were to summarize: Trust your baby. Watch your baby’s hunger cues and always offer the boob first before solids.
Check out her feed for pumping tips for working moms! You can also join her on-going giveaway here!

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seen in it. They will be yours for food."
Genesis 1:29

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  1. Thank you for this tips mommy! Hindi ko din makakalimutan yung unang pagpapakaen ko sa baby ko,yes tama ka mommy baby knows best.Yung pakiramdam mo na tama na busog pa sya pero gusto pa nya kumaen ibig sabihin hindi pa talaga sya busog

  2. Naaalala ko din nung baby na baby pa si zion sguro 3-4months palang sya nag iisip na ako ano ipapa kaen kilo sa knya pag nag 6months na sya, I'm excited as you mommy tin!

  3. Wow, galing mo Mommy Tin. Para sa ikabubuti ng ating mga anak gagawin natin ang lahat.